Photo Stories ♥

  1. Happiness is..

    Date 13 May 2018
    I met Sara and Luca several years ago and we clicked straight away. They are such a radiant, joyful and brilliant couple.  We did this portrait photo session when they rescued their fur baby Creedo, who is one of the cutest and cuddliest dogs I’ve met. During the shoot I really…

  2. Rewear It - Ellements Editorial

    Date 31 Jan 2018
    I’m very happy to announce my 2018 editorial, published in Ellements Magazine, is finally out.  The title of this editorial is “Rewear It”, The idea was to show you don’t need the latest fashion garments to create stylish outfits. Everything used in this series is stylist’s own. Love how Oksana mixed…

  3. Bethany’s Personal Branding

    Date 24 Oct 2017
    Bethany Williamson is a very talented landscape architect, who came to me for her personal branding images due to starting her new venture in a freelance world.  Instead of classic corporate head shots, we opted for clean and natural looking branding portraits, revealing Bethany’s friendly and approachable personality. I generally prefer shooting at my natural light studio

  4. Venice dream bridal shoot

    Date 22 Aug 2017
    I do not shoot weddings (at least so far), but I did a DREAM bridal portrait session last year in Italy in the most romantic place on Earth: Venice. Yes, you heard me well: I was photographing this stunning real bride Marta several days after her wedding. She loved her…

  5. Bali Dreaming

    Date 11 Dec 2016
    Last week I was walking along the beach in Bali with my great friend and founder of Sacred Places Yoga - Retreats - Bronwyn Murphy .. We were walking and chatting about the beauty of life, admiring the powerful ocean and breathing fresh salty air While I was filming the…

  6. Simone B/W

    Date 18 Jul 2016
    Simone has something about her that is hard to explain with words, so let me try to portray her through my lens.  It’s so true when they say that eyes are windows of the soul. I keep staring at Simone’s eyes taking me somewhere far away deep in her soul.. She is just hypnotising…  …

  7. Love in the clouds with Federica

    Date 18 Jun 2015
    Federica was one of the first models in front of my lens about 2 years ago in Bologna, Italy. It was so easy to shoot with her. She is such a beautiful soul with a contagious smile. :) Last Saturday, on the 13th June, Federica married her amazing partner Simone. Congratulazioni alla coppia piu’ cool…

  8. Ameena Payne (NSFW)

    Date 10 Jun 2015
    I met Ameena (Skin+Pepper agency) through a networking group on Facebook and we clicked immediately. Several days later she was in front of my lens in St Kilda doing her thing. Even though we only had about hour for a shoot, we still managed to do heaps of different shots.  For this shoot I decided…

  9. Marian Wolfe - beauty series

    Date 13 Sep 2014
    Enjoy these beauty series of a fantastic model Marian Wolfe shot in my studio in Brighton.  Amazing creative make-up by the one and only Cynthia Smyth. Photography and retouching by me :)

  10. Poppy

    Date 09 Sep 2014
    Poppy is an amazing pop singer from Melbourne with a big dream to perform all over the world. With her explosive personality I am very confident she can do it :) Not long ago I photographed Poppy for her new website and social media. She wanted to show two sides…

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