Being an entrepreneur is more than just creating the business of your dreams, it’s cultivating a lifestyle of perseverance, grit and dedication to personal and professional growth. When you are passionate and motivated to succeed, there is nothing you can’t accomplish and I want to help you get there.

Personal Branding Photography is the next step in transforming your business into a recognisable and influential brand. Create a visually compelling personal brand and stop your audience in their tracks.

When you’re passionate about what you do it shows! It’s in your dedication to your craft, your resilience to overcoming obstacles and your passion for creating the best service or product for your clients. But what happens when your online presence doesn’t reflect what’s inside? What do you do when you hate the way you look in your images and squirm just thinking of posting them online? Don’t worry. I know exactly how you feel and I am here to help you bring your Brand to the next level and create that connection with your customers.

Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it’s what makes you unique and interesting. Your personal brand is the experience only you can create for your clients and followers. It is what catches their attention when they are scrolling through Instagram and what makes them stop when they pause in front of your shop.

Your images are the first impression you make on your clients, they should be remarkable and convey the message you want your clients to hear when they think of your brand.

They should also be on-brand. They should match the mood and feeling of your business as well as the website and graphic design.

"Personal branding is important, because it helps me communicate my unique set of skills and valuable offer to my clients. A strong brand supports me to communicate the influence and impact I have as a professional."

AromaZen Partnership in Bali

For the first time we are bringing personal branding photography directly to your Facilitator Training in Bali.

You will spend 1 hour one-on-one with me capturing you in different settings: around the villa, action shots with the oils, bowls, outside location. We can shoot as many outfits as you like within the dedicated time-frame, so please think in advance what clothes to bring for the session.

My aim is to show your true personality that will help you connect with your potential clients.

Here are some of the examples of the portraits we can create.

Not sure where to use your images?

Your photographs can go on everything from your business cards to your website. They can be curated into your LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, used in ads and banners. If you are a personal brand in today’s market, your image is your reputation and the first impression your clients will see. It should be world-class.

About your photographer

My name is Ksenia. I am originally from Russia, but have been living around the world for more than 20 years. I currently reside in Melbourne Bayside and happily work as portrait and personal branding photographer.

I am extremely passionate about empowering women through photography and I also know how uncomfortable it can be to be in front of the camera. That's why I will be there to guide you and try to get the best out of you if you let me to. I will make sure you have the best photo experience and will take home some beautiful portraits of you to use in your business.

Like most of you I also adore Bali and consider it my spiritual home, so it is very special for me to capture you there.

If you wanted to hear what my clients say about their experience, please check their testimonials here.

I am very excited to join you in this fantastic journey and looking forward to photographing you in Bali next year!


Within one week after the shoot you will receive an online gallery with unedited proof images for your selection.

As my quality guarantee you will choose the desired package only after having seen the images as I want you to purchase only the shots you love.



3 retouched images delivered via online gallery

Yland Ylang*


8 retouched images delivered via online gallery



15 retouched images delivered via online gallery

Promo video


1-2 minute intro video (must be booked in advance)

* Payment plans available

Note: These packages are only valid for the Aroma Zen Facilitator Training in Bali.

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