Beautiful words from my clients

I'm very grateful for both empowering and having had the opportunity to photograph so many beautiful, inspirational souls with whom I've created a deep connection. Their willingness to trust the process, surrender to the experience, often overcoming fears and at times insecurities, is  incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I'm proud to share these highly valued testimonials that fuel my creativity and fill me with joy...


Kim Payne - 9ROK Consulting

Kim is an extraordinary woman who inspires professionals to be more valuable through speaking, coaching and training services. Kim helps financial advisers, accountants and mortgage brokers communicate the value of advice. 

Kim’s brief was the bolder the better, so we delivered!

Here is Kim's testimonial after our session.

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Shade Zahrai - Speaker and Empowerment Expert

In the world we live in, first impressions matter. And majority of those first impressions for businesses are happening online. A lot of my work comes through referrals (which is wonderful) but it also means that I have a lot of warm-leads coming via my website or social media channels – they haven't seen who I am or what I stand for yet, so their first digital contact is the opportunity to share that with them and hopefully it resonates.

I really wanted someone who could capture the essence of who I am. I was looking for someone who could make me feel comfortable and who brought some creativity to the shoot. I also paid close attention to the unique style of photography and wanted to select something which resonated with the authenticity I wanted to portray.

Ksenia ticked all the boxes! She was also extremely responsive and understanding to my needs and wants, and I required a very quick turnaround time, to which she was too happy to oblige. 

My main concerns were that the image wouldn't look authentic. Authenticity is very important to me and how I represent myself through my work. I was absolutely delighted (and relieved!) when I saw the finished product – Ksenia had managed to capture my personality while delivering beautiful compositions. I was over the moon!

Ksenia is SUCH a beautiful person to work with. She's relaxed, calm, confident, in control, and brings a fun, positive energy to her work. She's also very skilled at offering guidance in terms of body positioning and how to get the best angles which was really helpful. I felt wonderful after the experience. Ksenia understands that the process is much more than just taking a few photos. She makes sure you're comfortable and happy, that you're representing your whole self and that she's capturing you exactly how you want to be captured. It was a beautiful experience... I didn't want it to end. I had so much fun! 

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Kate Stockmans - communicator, educator, writer, yoga teacher

I met Ksenia as a part of a series of online personal development workshops. I felt so empowered by her feedback throughout this journey. Personal branding is important to me because I have so many ideas as a a passionate communicator, educator and as a writer. Ksenia not only believes in the projects I am pursuing but also has helped me to refine what it is I truly want for my life.

This process for me felt quite vulnerable. I knew I needed to feel safe to step into my full potential. As a coach Ksenia understands my goals and makes me feel like they are in reach. As a photographer she sees me, my personality and the skills I have and has turned them into art. She has continued to support me since the photoshoot and advocates everything I do and share online.

I had fear surrounding what path I want to go down with my ideas. Like 'what is my purpose'? 'Why am I doing this'? I don't have a business as such and my ideas are still in the early stages. Ksenia saw past all of these limiting beliefs. The moment I entered the space I felt like I could achieve whatever I set my mind to by taking action. By looking back at the photos I can see exactly why I took part in this process. I feel powerful and capable.

From start to finish I was held in that space. The makeup and hair process felt so exciting and I loved how I looked. Ksenia documented behind the scenes which was amazing to look back on. I felt like a celebrity and was owning my life. I am so happy I made the decision to do the work with Ksenia. This is something I will look back on in years to come and I now have a bank of amazing photographs to build my website and to market myself. No matter what the outcome the photoshoot itself is the best experience.

The main highlight for me was connecting with Ksenia and seeing her excitement as she captured me. Together we created a vision that unfolded naturally and authentically. I also loved it when half way through the shoot she helped me refine my goals by doing a manifestation meditation (NLP Timeline Therapy). This is something I have been able to take forward into my own daily practice.

If you are still hesitating, remember that you are WORTH it! Don't hold yourself back. If it is money you're concerned about - you cannot put a price on what you will gain from this valuable opportunity.


Fiona Lam - naturopath, NET practitioner, empowerment coach

Ksenia's own branding and message on your website really resonated with what was important to me and I had also seen some of her work on social media which was the vibe I was looking for! 
Personal branding is important to my business because it's the first step to building trust and therefore attracting valuable loyal clients. It's also the first impression that accurately represents who you are and what you are about.

It was important for me to:
- Work with someone that I connect with and feel comfortable with
- Sensing that Ksenia genuinely passionate about what she does
- Seeing how natural and stunning her work was. I avoided anyone that had shots that felt too "stock image"
- Simple, efficient system in booking a session and processing payment, which told me that Ksenia is a very organised individual that values your time. A reflection of my own values!

My concern was my own insecurity of "unnatural" or unflattering photos, particularly from past photoshoots!

Honestly, Ksenia exceeded my already high expectations. The whole process was simple, fun, and enlightening. I was excited and nervous about the actual shoot, but Ksenia was so supportive and intuitive in knowing how to bring out the inner goddess!

Branding portraits are essential if you're serious about taking your professionalism and business to the next level!


Heather Murphy - Transformational Happiness & Health Coach

I wanted fun, really personable pics to complement my new brand. I was looking for a particular style & Ksenia looked like she “popped”, while still maintaining professionalism and quality.

Several years ago, for my first name-brand website, I required professional pix both casual, corporate look & head-torso shot for a book cover. The first try: I looked stiff and stuffy, like a wax-dummy. The second try: I was so unimpressed with the make up & hair styling, I did my own, the photographer was lovely but the result was too casual, due to the location she used. The third try: I hated the make up & resulting shots, but I was out of time & out of pocket money to try further. I wish I had found Ksenia & her team then!

From the first moment that we connected when Ksenia met me car side & helped me to take in my wardrobe, she made me feel a million bucks! The studio space & props that Ksenia used, gave us several options for very different looks. On the day Ksenia was really creatively flexible, took direction very well & came up with some great ideas, not only for the look, but added fun props, in keeping with my branding style. Overall, I am over the moon & delighted with the outcome of my pics, as are my friends & family judging from the response on social media.

As anyone knows who is not a professional model knows, photo shoots are really tiring. Ksenia just kept me going & going, through several wardrobe, pose & prop changes, with new ideas, great wardrobe suggestions, fantastic enthusiasm and incredible energy, all with her gorgeous cheeky smile. 

So if you are thinking of getting your photos taken, do it now. It’s such a worthwhile investment in yourself and your personal brand!


Jacqui James - Small Business Solutions Architect

We live in remote area of Victoria and it was important to us to portray who we are and where we are from so we share who we are with our clients and prospective clients.

We chose Ksenia as our branding photographer because she was recommended to us. She made it look effortless on social media and we wanted to be a part of that.

Laini and I had the most amazing experience, we felt connected right from the word go and meeting Ksenia in person was just the icing on the cake. We found the whole shoot fun and uplifting, we were included and our opinions mattered. We felt like we had known her for years. Old friends!

For anyone thinking about a photos shoot, connect with Ksenia on Instagram, follow her videos, because she is the real do, what I saw online was what I got. I felt I already knew her before we even met.

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Diana Nguyen - Creative Entrepreneur

Diana Nguyen is an incredible creative, Ted Speaker, performer, podcaster and Linked In sensation. 

This is her experience of her personal branding session with me. 

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Sarah Johnston - Social Media Manager

I loved the fun and feminine vibe of Ksenia’s website and social media. Her work stood out the most because her clients looked laid back, relaxed and approachable. No cheesy headshots to be found!

I was scared I’d look awkward or too serious. My goal was to look approachable and relaxed and despite my nerves the team helped me achieve this!

Ksenia and her team made me feel empowered, beautiful, and slightly less awkward ;) It was actually a FUN experience, and that was a first for me when having photos taken!

The highlight was definitely getting to know the team and other clients. We laughed, and we genuinely had a good time. Ksenia has such a wonderful energy about her that instantly made me feel less nervous and more myself.

If you are still hesitating to have your photos takes by Ksenia, just know it’s going to be so much more FUN than you are imagining. The images will surprise you. The other ladies will inspire you. Ksenia will make you feel special and beautiful and confident in front of the camera. So just book it!

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Suzy Zail - Author

I hadn't had a professional photo done for ten years and wanted to get new images to coincide with the release of a new book. I also needed to revamp my website.

I wanted someone who did hair and make-up, had a creative, playful sensibility, a great eye for colour and the ability to guide me through the process. Ksenia's look-book blew me away. I loved the huge range of backdrops, colour palettes and outfit changes and the way she managed to inject fun into each frame. It was clear her subjects were relaxed and enjoyed the process. I also liked her offer of branding advice and coaching during the shoot. Her pre-shoot questionnaire also helped me focus on what I wanted to portray and encouraged me to think about my audience and the direction my career was headed.

I was a little nervous about my inexperience in front of the camera but Ksenia directed me through the shoot, encouraging me to have fun with it, which I think is reflected in the photos.

It was a great day. The makeup was great and the vibe was relaxed and playful. Ksenia was so generous with her time and advice. It was a really special day; a celebration of the work I've achieved and the fun still to come.

Apart from seeing the photos and the confetti party we threw, the highlight would be our hour-long chat afterwards!

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Danielle Tooley - Author, Speaker, Access Consciousness Facilitator

My branding experience with Ksenia was amazing!

She knows how to work that camera and get the most out of you and the expression of your business. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to add flair and style to their brand.

Ksenia is super creative and will work with you to tap into what it is you would like to bring out and share with the world. I would also like to highlight Ksenia’s team that brings the whole experience to life. 

5 stars! You are the best and will be definitely working with you again in the future!

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Jocelyn Chong - Certified Life & Business Coach

Personal branding represents my authentic self and I’m a role model for my clients. Being the Way Shower and Light Worker so others can do the same for themselves.

I chose Ksenia because she is a kind, gentle and fun-loving photographer with an eye to detail. I was looking for someone who can bring out the best version of my looks through the camera lens. She has a clean, relax and stylish approach which is in line with my branding.

My concerns were location of the studio and working with the make-up/hairstylist I don’t know. The outcome was great, because Ksenia is warm and made it easy to find the location.. The make-up/hairstylist made me feel comfortable in the entire experience. Both of them listened to my preferences and delivered what I was looking for.

Ksenia was taking notes and asking the right questions during the discovery call. She took on board all my areas of concerns and she delivered a fantastic experience throughout the whole process. I loved the results of my photoshoot, I’m so proud to use my photos across all my social media platforms, books, websites and other marketing collaterals.

The highlight was Ksenia taking a number of candid shoots that was super fun. Her team was amazing at customer service!

It’s important to find an energetic match with your photographer. I love Ksenia’s energy, style and valuable advice. I’d suggest that you speak to her and work with her to create a memorable moment for you!!! Choose YOU ❤️

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Karen O. - Researcher & Writer

I was in need of some photos of myself for business and academic purposes, and came across Ksenia's website on the internet. As a researcher and writer, I was in need of some photos of myself to use for biographical purposes, conferences, research purposes and institutional websites.

I was impressed with Ksenia's portfolio and how she seemed to be able to capture an honest and engaging representation of the people she photographed. Through here artistry, and knowledge of photography, I could see that she was able to capture an individual's character and beauty in a way that did not depend on them being necessarily being young and flawless in physique and complexion. I could see she was a skilled photographer.

Oddly, my husband had more concerns than I did. He was afraid that Ksenia would make me look too beautiful in the photos, bringing to the surface some insecurities he has. His reaction caused me some stress early on, but once he saw the photos, he thought they were wonderful and has since shared one of the photos on his social media page. Aside from this, my main concern was that I was not very photogenic, but nevertheless, I also thought that Ksenia had the skills to be able to get some good photos that I could use for professional purposes.

It was a wonderful experience that I am very grateful for. Natasha did a wonderful job with my make up, and Ksenia made me feel relaxed and confident during the photo session. Although a little nervous at first, by the end of the session I was really enjoying the fun of the entire experience.

There were a lot of highlights during the session: learning how to stand and hold myself for a photo; costume changes; having a professional hair and makeup artist prepare me for the photo session; Generally enjoying the overall experience.

I would encourage you to contact Ksenia and would explain my positive experiences of the session.


Natalia Walker - Creative

I attended Ksenia's Headshot Yay Day last year and loved it! 

Ksenia is an absolute star at what she does. She is really thorough in her prep work before you even enter her studio, so that she understands you, your business brand and your intentions for the final photos. She is so friendly, easy going and is really clear in her shot directions. Ksenia also makes the whole experience light and fun.

She really looks after you and wants the best outcome for you too. Ksenia and her team work seamlessly together to make sure that everything flows and that you get gorgeous shots. Highly recommend working with Ksenia and her team!

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Sarah Aktag - Photographer

I searched the internet for someone who could take images of me for my new business after searching social media and the internet and Ksenia was the only one I wanted to capture my images. I love the style of images that Ksenia took I felt they were very professional and would suit me and my brand.

Ksenia and her team went above and beyond. I really don't like having my images taken but after having a photoshoot with Ksenia I am keen to do it again! I felt relaxed and enjoyed the day. The images were exactly what I was after, they are on point and fit in with my new business and branding. The whole process from the moment I booked to receiving the images was a wonderful experience. I can't wait to book another shoot soon.

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Pearl - Online French Teacher and Motivational Coach

Ksenia Belova is THE BEST!

I was looking for a professional photographer because I wanted to elevate my brand.

l I did a shoot with Ksenia and I had the best day. She made me feel so comfortable. It was an amazing experience. The photos she took looked amazing. They all look so good it was hard to choose! I love how she was able to capture the essence of my true self!

I used all the photos for my new website and all my customers loved it as well!

My sales improved greatly! She is really the best in her industry! So don’t hesitate and book your photoshoot session too!

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Phoebe Lay -  Social Media Marketer, Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Personal branding is crucial for a solopreneur to thrive. As the face behind the business I know how important it is to have my image reflect the professionalism and character of my brand. 

Ksenia's photos are amazing and she connects with her clients on a personal level so they are comfortable to shine. She goes all out and overdelivers because of her love and passion for what she does. Her quality of work is absolutely top notch.

I was worried about how comfortable I would be, whether I’d look my best, whether I’d be carefree enough for the shoot to turn out the best way possible. I had a great time and really enjoyed the day. Sitting still and being told to relax during hair and make up was a bit stressful, but it turned out way better than I imagined! 🙈

Thanks to Ksenia's photos, my brand is on point and I can use them everywhere! Website, social media, banners, e-mail headers... 

Ksenia Belova exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond. She is truly amazing at what she does.

There’s no one else I would recommend or go to for business portraits.

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Renee Giarrusso - Leadership and Communication Expert, Public Speaker, Author

From day 1 all interactions went seamlessly and Ksenia was extremely thorough and got me thinking about the look and feel of the shoot weeks before the actual session. I sent her a few photos of some of the outfits as I love colour and wanted to capture my high energy and passion so the photos weren’t one dimensional. The actual session was great and an hour in I started to relax, good music, great coffee and I felt real rapport with Ksenia and the camera. Her styling was great and she was so invested in every photo and look. Ksenia even organised a piece of fabric in my branding colour to use a backdrop, a great over and above initiative! 

I am delighted with the photos and how natural they are. They were shot in natural light with subtle edits and Ksenia kept true to what I asked for and over delivered on this. I want photos that resemble me, I don’t want to be that person you meet who’s photos do not represent them or even how they look. The final results are fantastic and I have a repertoire of looks and expressions to choose from to use within Social media, bios, my website and keynote presentations.  

Ksenia has exceeded my expectations. From the way she interacts, her follow up and above all her profound ability to capture the energy and presence of who you really are. She’s a quality person and a professional in what she does.  

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*To view more from Renee's session, click here.


Emiliano Valcanover - Life Coach

I’ve never thought a camera could warm me up. Like many other people I don’t like to have my photos taken, but knowing Ksenia is the personal branding expert I knew she’d make the whole experience fun and easy-going. I also realised I had to invest in professional photography to elevate my personal brand and attract my ideal clients in my coaching business.

Ksenia has so many skills beyond the photographer ones. She coached me throughout the session in a way that I could always feel confident and congruent with myself.

She really paid attention to my ideas and adjusted them around her magic in a very natural way. I totally surrendered to her process as she showed so much experience and passion for what she does.

We ended up doing many sets that I will be using on different platforms and profiles. Having done such a unique personal branding photo shoot definitely put me on a more professional level and helped me boost my confidence.

I can’t recommend Ksenia enough!


Melissa Wilson - Marketing Expert

Ksenia was wonderful to work with! She understood my style and eased all my concerns about wardrobe and was able to deliver amazing final results.

Her makeup/hair artist did a wonderful job and knew how to get the best out of my skin and foundation (especially darker skin tones) for flawless photography. The shoot day was fun and Ksenia knew how to make me feel comfortable but also was an expert at directing the shoot to get the right angles and lighting just perfect!

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for branding photography!



Amanda Kate - Kinesiology and Business Coaching

Ksenia is a master of her craft, has a huge heart, infectious sense of humour and is an incredible human being.

She managed to magically capture the woman I'm becoming and growing into, as much as the woman I already am.

Ksenia captured my personal branding shoot in a way that made it challenging for me to narrow down the incredible photos..... gosh, it was hard!

She's phenomenal!

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt - Business and Life Coach

Kylie-Ann is a Business Coach and she is helping her clients by creating different ways of thinking and how to overcome the stories we tell ourselves based on values and beliefs that we have outgrown or really don't serve us. In business and in Life.

Kylie-Ann Kobelt hired me to film 7 video testimonials from her clients and several "about" videos to publish on her website

This is a totally unexpected testimonial from Kylie-Ann after we've finished filming. 

Below is Kylie-Ann's wrtitten review. 

Personal branding is important to allow the viewers to experience the best version of me and to create a visual impressions, expectation and image of trust.

Compatibility is what made me choose Ksenia over others. The feeling of trust and comfort and I have watched her work for a while.

My fear in front of a camera was absolutely managed and supported into confidently delivering what I needed to end up with amazing finishing product. Start to finish was smooth and 5 stars. I find Ksenia calming and this is important for me. Releasing the fear of being in front of a video which Ksenia knows was a huge one for me. 

The time, questions pre and post care including the nurture throughout made the experience a success for me.

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Christine Newell - Writer

My photoshoot with Ksenia was such a positive and uplifting experience. 

At first I was concerned that my brand might not be as developed or established as some of her other clients but Ksenia immediately put my mind at rest and was open to doing something a little different to the standard branding shoot.

Ksenia is an excellent communicator and excels at getting the best out of her clients. The whole shoot was stress free, hair and make-up was outstanding and the end result was exactly what I had hoped for.

I now have beautiful and versatile photos that I can use on my website, for social media or as part of my developing brand.

Whether you are established or are just starting out I would highly recommend Ksenia. She pinpointed exactly what I wanted to get out of the shoot and put everything she had in to making it happen.


Louise Greenstock - Consultant Evaluator

My job is help government-funded organisations demonstrate the impact of their work and get a clearer sense of what makes their programs effective.

I was looking for a personal branding photo shoot and Ksenia's website and examples of her work resonated with me. It had to be someone I liked and trusted. I was also looking for someone whose personal brand made sense to me and I felt would capture the essence of me and my business. I appreciated Ksenia's personable and informal communication in the initial email and felt I was already getting to know her. I intuitively felt Ksenia would help me relax and I was willing to surrender to the process and let go.

The shoot was a special day for me and I felt treated like the star of the show. I loved the studio and the experience of being photographed. I was very tired afterwards but I knew we had done a great job. The photos are beautiful and ticked all of my boxes. Having half a day to be focused on me and to feel safe enough to get stuck into it and come out with beautiful, on-brand photos.

As a result, the professional photos have lifted my website exponentially. The site now looks professional and aesthetically pleasing. This is the number 1 way new clients will suss me out. It is essential to show that you are a professional businessperson and take quality seriously. It's also an amazing confidence boost and a really special thing to do for yourself.



Jo Anne Grist - Holistic Business Coach

It is important that your personal brand represents you, that the images online come across as being approachable, professional and as an authority figure to encourage potential clients to take the next step in making contact.

I refresh my branding images on an annual basis and chose Ksenia not only for her creativity but how professionally she approaches her work, I was confident that my brief would not only be met but exceeded. In a photoshoot I was looking for creativity, exploring different options to portray a balance between business and lifestyle and to be pushed to try something different.

I love working with Ksenia. Her approach to business is similar to mine: professional with a dash of fun along the way! She made the whole experience seem effortless, the photoshoot just flew by, expectations were totally exceeded! She had every angle covered right through from the get go with hair & makeup, making sure the photoshoot brief was met and flexibility shown throughout to make changes or try something different. A true professional through and through.

A piece of advice if you are hesitating: don't stand on the sidelines, invest in yourself, invest in your business. Professional branding portraits are the difference in standing out from the crowd.

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Penelope Lovegrove - Counsellor and Psychologist

Ksenia is a consummate professional from the very start and somehow makes you feel like your very best friend as well. She was not going to allow a ‘bad shot’, constantly checking if I was happy with the direction of the shoot and ensuring I got a broad range of styles and photos to choose from.

I wanted photos that could be used over a number of years, on different media platforms and across future changes in my business so Ksenia made sure the photos were versatile.

She doesn’t waste a moment on the day, using the time in hair and make up to get to know you and your brand. I simply can not recommend her highly enough.

Whatever you need I have no doubt that Ksenia will deliver – you will not regret your decision!



Katie Athanasi - Kinesiologist

I wanted someone who could make me feel comfortable during the shoot and help bring out my personality to accurately reflect who I am and Ksenia was amazing for that! I literally did choose Ksenia over someone I had already booked because I could see how passionate and dedicated she was to her work.  

My main concern was the fact that I wouldn’t be comfortable or happy with the images because of my own insecurities, but Ksenia really helped bridge that wall to get an end product I’m happy with.

Ksenia was really thorough to help me understand what was expected of me and what I needed to prepare for the shoot and went above and beyond to do her own research and help select outfits. The shoot was fun and throughout the whole process Ksenia was dedicated and always accessible and helpful right to the very end selection. Amazing!  

The highlight for me was working with Ksenia who has such a beautiful personality and passion for her work that you can’t help but feel excited.

Ksenia is a very talented and professional photographer. I would recommend her to everyone.

*To view more from Katie's session, click here.


Nicky Rodrigo - IBM Consultant

My session with Ksenia was memorable. I felt like I had known her for years. It's easy to be in her company. The space for the shoot is filled with natural light and is gorgeous. 

Whilst Ksenia has clearly worked all over the world, it was nice that I found her in my local area. In this Covid year it's my goal to support local businesses.

She is willing to listen to your story and really understand your requirements. Photos captured exactly how I wanted to be portrayed at this point in time. 

Thanks Ksenia.


Claudia Buehrer - Pilates  and Slings Myofascial Practitioner 

Claudia from Create Movement Pilates asked me to film and edit a set of Pilates sequence videos (with and without talking) for her business and a series of videos to engage with her potential clients and get to know her better.

Claudia kindly left a beautiful testimonial about her experience on the day.


Justine Robbins - CEO Growth Coach

Justine  hired me to create a series of videos for her website and social media (LinkedIn and Facebook). 

We have also done a lifestyle location photo shoot while she was coaching a client. 

This is Justine's testimonial.


Lucia Zelesco - Marketing Expert

Such a delight to work with Ksenia who went above and beyond to make sure I was so happy with my photos and stayed back an extra 2 hours just to make sure I was all happy with everything. 

She starts her session with a brief branding strategy session to set the theme and direction. The whole shoot she is so high energy and reads you so well to get the best out of the shoot. 

It's more than a photo session .. it's a transformation session!

Thank you so much for your hard efforts and care I am sure I will use these images for many years to come!!

Zelesco Consulting


Denise Mooney - Career and Transformation Coach

The reason why I had these photos taken, because I knew that I had been through so much change myself, as well as making these change to the business, and my old photos no longer represented who I was. It's really difficult to send out messages about your business when your branding doesn't feel authentic. 

I wanted someone I could trust and feel comfortable with. Someone I knew would deliver what I needed and capture the essence of what I'm all about now. My main concerns were to do with myself (I don't love getting photos taken) and whether I would be able to show up authentically in the process. Ksenia made me feel at ease right away and I never felt uncomfortable once. We spent most of the morning laughing. 

The whole process was so easy and seamless. I didn't have to worry about anything. Ksenia even took along outfits and props for me in case we didn't have enough. The experience was beyond what I was expecting. I felt so happy with everything and I'm proud to market my business now because the branding feels like me. I've received a lot of positive feedback on the images. Ksenia did an amazing job and I would book her again in a heartbeat. 

Ksenia is amazing at what she does. She is real, personable and her energy is contagious. She goes above and beyond to get fantastic results and makes everything easy from start to finish. I've already told a lot of people about Ksenia because they've been commenting on my photos so much!


Kerstin Reithmayr - International Health Coach

I loved the whole process with Ksenia from beginning to end. I was writing her about an appointment and even her being on a job in Europe, she got back to me immediately with all the information I needed. We had an initial consultation, where Ksenia answered all my questions and where we planned the whole shooting.

She understood immediately what I wanted my photos to be and had great ideas and inputs.Before the session she made sure that I was prepared and got everything I needed.The 'big' shooting day was just amazing. It was one of the most fun days ever. 

My hair got styled and I got a whole make-up session, which was so relaxing before the shooting and it was so good, that you don't have to take care of those things by yourself. 

Ksenia helped me choosing my cloths (she has a great sense of style, coming from fashion background) and brought a couple of dresses she thought might go well with my brand. 

The whole shooting was fun, easy going and playful. Ksenia makes everything so perfect and you just feel like a star.  In the end I had so many amazing photos to choose from, I almost couldn't decide. I loooooved the outcome - it really exceeded my expectations.The final edits were absolutely stunning.

I would recommend Ksenia, because she is the best. I had taken pictures before and nobody put so much care and love into the whole process than Ksenia.

*To view more from Kerstin's session, click here.


Natalie Bondine - Living yoga

Personal branding is important to capture moments in time. It's nice to have the official shots a little left of centre, with more colour and movement than a good old selfie can provide. I wanted to find someone comfortable with movement and play. Plus and incredible skill set in photography and editing.  And when I say editing - I mean someone who is comfortable to not over edit. It's a subtle craft. 

Quite frankly Ksenia's humour and grounded approach made me choose her. No fluff but, plenty or raw glamour.

I love movement in my photos, less static looks - Ksenia captured this beautifully (even in the weather conditions). Everything was ease and grace . Efficient and beyond expectation.

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Dr. Lindy Amos - Practice Leader, Facilitator, Coach

I am an action oriented person, so when Ksenia responded within a few hours to my email query, I was instantly impressed. She immediately put me at ease on the phone and our face to face meeting was relaxed and to the point, which again I appreciated. I left feeling confident she would look after me and capture the best of me at our photo session. 

Ksenia gave me great advice when choosing outfits, she carefully considered the branding colours of my business, incorporated these cleverly to make sure the images were natural, yet aligned to the look and feel we wanted to communicate. 

I felt fabulous. I was so impressed with the obvious love and care that Ksenia put into the final production of my photos. I am over the moon with the result and receiving so much positive feedback from my clients and colleagues.

I would definitely recommend Ksenia, who is a natural people person and instantly makes you feel confident and at ease. Her services are professional and she offers great value for money and flexible price points.

 The Collective Possibilities


Ash Hope - Yoga Teacher, Facilitator for Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Ksenia was recommended to me after searching a little while for a photographer. We instantly connected on the phone and I felt very comfortable with her. Ksenia is very open and has a super positive attitude. The combination of talent and skill with her awesome personality made me chose her over others. 

Like most people that don't stand in front of the camera every day, I also get self-conscious and very critical of myself. Meeting Ksenia in person before the photoshoot and taking some time to talk about the desired outcome and concerns helped me to feel very relaxed on the day. My dog was also invited for the photoshoot which added another element of fun to the day. 

Ksenia was very helpful in preparing for the session. She considered the branding colours of my business and helped with outfits, accessories and backdrops to make everything fit and align with the look and feel of my business. She put a lot of thought into creating images that feel natural and show personality. I also loved working with Nicole Groch who did my Hair and Make-up. Knowing that she uses high-quality products that are all vegan and cruelty free made a HUGE difference to me. I don't normally wear much make-up but felt great with what she did and her products are amazing. 

The photoshoot was fun and I really enjoyed it - even though I am not a camera girl. But the most enjoyable part of the session was the time leading up to the shoot. Spending time on myself to get pampered, to get my hair and make-up done and to enjoy being looked after was very nice and nurturing. A good reminder how to practice self-love as a woman and to embrace femininity. 

I highly recommend Ksenia for business portraits but also just to have some nice photos of yourself. It is totally worth it to invest the time and money for the experience and capture some beautiful and memorable moments of your life. 

*To view more from Ash's session, click here.


Alannah Yip, Founder of 7 Republica Tea

I was referred to Ksenia and was told she/s an amazing photographer for Brand Photography. On the day of meeting Ksenia she totally blew my mind, not only a beautiful and genuine person, she was also professional at her work and already came with ideas to bring your branding to life. 

She made me feel relaxed and comfortable on the day and she definitely knew how to bring out your personality to not be camera shy.

I was also blown away by how amazing Ksenia edited the photos, her work is absolutely flawless. I can't wait to do another photoshoot with Ksenia again.

7 Republica Tea


Gabrielle Ballantyne - Health and Wellness 

I have recently had a photo shoot with Ksenia for images for my website and social media. Ksenia was a delight to work with. 

Firstly she took the time to understand what I was after and what Im about. She made me feel incredibly comfortable in front of the lens and I genuinely loved the whole experience.

When I saw the images I was blown away. So many amazing shots that selecting a few was near impossible!

Highly recommend Ksenia. Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful!



Ksenia needs a medal for the best wedding photographer of COVID 19. What a challenge it was for us this year to get married, after many date changes we finally were able to have our ceremony on the 4th July. With every date change, Ksenia was always beautiful, supportive and encouraging. 

She always had such love and devotion in her voice that made me feel calm and happy. We are so happy that we chose her to be our wedding photographer. Ksenia took the most fabulous photos, they told a real-life story of our special day. 

We highly recommend that you make the decision to choose this beautiful lady to be your photographer for any occasion, she made our wedding day complete. 

Thank you so much Ksenia. 

Angela & John Stavrakis



Ksenia is amazing and I can't recommend her enough!

Her work is sensational: she has a real eye for the perfect shot, and her compositions are beautiful. Ksenia made me feel empowered and comfortable in my own skin whilst I was in front of her lens.

I am totally delighted with all the images she took for my modelling portfolio and personal branding. She doesn’t just take photos of you - she captures your personality, mood and style.

The whole experience was so much fun and Ksenia’s passion for her work just shines through. She is such a talented photographer and it’s fantastic to work with.

I also loved her warmth, creativity and positive energy. I can totally recommend her and hope to return for some more shoots soon 🙏❤️

Melanie Guenther, Melbourne



I'm very grateful for the beautiful images and video she created for aromaLife

There's something magical that happens when we work with likeminded souls. I loved working with Ksenia so much. In fact, it was empowering for me in ways that I wouldn't have expected. 

She's helped me step into being seen, photographed, videod and shared with larger audiences. I was resisting, avoiding and now I'm not.. Ksenia helped me jump into my fears and I found I could fly. 

She are so good at making people feel comfortable, inspiring the natural truth and creativity to emerge... and then she creates the most stunning imagery and video to reflect the emotions and realness of the moment. So good. 

She captured exactly what I had wanted, natural, beautiful and real. Highly recommend and can't wait to work with Ksenia again.  

Michelle Mullins,

Founder if AromaLife, Melbourne



An absolutely wonderful experience. 

Ksenia got the best photos I could have ever hoped for from my 14 years old daughter and treated her with amazing care and respect, making her feel totally comfortable. 

Great fun and outstanding photos. 

We will repeat!

Maria Garcia, Melbourne



Ksenia produced an amazing set of photos, specifically for my dating profile  which indeed reaped incredible results. 

She had great ideas and made the whole process really fun, which manifested in the awesome shots, which turned out way beyond my expectations. 

Ksenia really captures your true essence in the best light. 

Highly recommended.

Craig P., Melbourne



I had an honor to have Ksenia as my photographer for my iBreathe, Yoga & Mindfulness project, she was incredible in creating an environment and space where I felt so open, vulnerable and true. 

She didn't only captured me as a yoga instructor but also as a woman, her talent & sensibility was so intuitive and helped me a lot to connect with the camera & show the real me. 

I admired not only her talent as a photographer, but her ability to connect so authentically.

Tuya - iBreathe founder/ Ted Talk Speaker




You can tell as soon as you meet Ksenia that she loves what she does! 

She made me feel relaxed straight away and worked with me throughout the shoot to get the best shots. 

I had such a great day and laughed the whole way through and I feel like she captured the exact feel I was hoping for.  Thank you!!

Bethany Williamson

Landscape Architect - Melbourne

*To view more from Bethany's session, click here



Ksenia is a an impressive photographer. Not only did she assist with my photography day to run ultra smoothly through her pro activity, she was very helpful and has a keen eye for detail! Post the photo shoot my images all arrived very promptly through her very use friendly online depository. 

I would thoroughly recommend her to others for any photography event and would be more than happy to use her again in the future for my business needs.

Kate G. - Stylist/ owner of Little Girl Green 




Ksenia is a highly professional photographer and was able to see my vision for my brand and the results that have given my brand that edge. I couldn't recommend her more highly. She is also a great business woman and so wonderful to work with. 

When I need Fashion or Professional Business shots for my acting and modelling portfolio or my yoga business Ksenia is my go to photographer.

Bronwyn Murphy

Actor and yoga guru




Ksenia photographed a family event for me in June. She took so much care capturing candid moments. The results were sweet and reflected the day perfectly. 

Ksenia is a warm and friendly person, you immediately feel at ease with her, even if you have qualms about being photographed. 

If you have a special event that you would like to remember forever, consider Ksenia as your photographer, you will not regret it!

Katherine K.



Ksenia is an amazing photographer. She is very professional and attentive.

She produced very nice collection of photos for us, which managed to capture warmth, excitement and fun at our party. She was a pleasure to work with. 

Thank you Ksenia. 

Olga Fisher and Family,




Ksenia was fantastic to work with, made me feel so comfortable during the shoot, resulting in a fun, relaxed shoot that produced great images! 

Very talented and would recommend.

Ella Denton

Miss Universe Australia Finalist



Did a shoot recently with Ksenia and I had such a great experience, I learnt a lot about her style and background. Very easy to get along with had many laughs and she will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Her skills with the camera are excellent, focused on getting the best results she can. She is very Detail Oriented. Ksenia edits are top notch couldn't ask for any better photos. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Connor Morton

Model & Influencer



Ksenia is one of the most talented, friendly and professional photographers I have ever worked with. She is extremely easy to work with and has a wonderful work ethic, making you feel comfortable and valued whilst on set.

I would definitely work with her again and I continually recommend her to my friends."

Sarah Gousse' 

Singer & Cabaret Performer

New York


I recently had my headshots done with my family. I thought it would be a quick in and out experience. Instead I had a unexpectedly wonderful time, with laughter and genuine smiling faces. 

I adore how Ksenia made me look and how for the first time in a while I'm actually happy with the way I look.

I would recommend Ksenia in a heart beat.




Ksenia is a very detail oriented individual and produced great results for the companies website images and also was heavily involved in the planning of the website layout. 

Ksenia is extraordinarily professional and gives great guidance when needed to her subject. 

She is reliable and hard working, will definitely use her again!

Gabriella B. 



Ksenia made me feel so comfortable and happy when we did our shoot, and because she is so familiar working with women, there was no issue with building a connection! 

So fun to work with and the images she creates are stunning.




A couple of weeks back I got my photographs from Ksenia. They are amazing!!! Ksenia brought out the best in me and my daughter!!!

It was wonderful experience and creative atmosphere in the studio. Love this experience and result!!!

Elena A. - Melbourne


Having worked with countless photographers throughout my years in the modeling industry l can honestly say Ksenia is an amazing photographer: she is exceptionally warm and friendly.

Ksenia is also very easy to work with. Her professionalism and passion made me feel confident and comfortable. She did a great job capturing my personality, it was a fun day.

l am very impressed with my photos.

Serafina P. - Melbourne


My three daughters and I recently had the most wonderful experience of having portrait photographs done by Ksenia in her studio. From the moment we stepped in we were made comfortable by Ksenia's warm nature and sense of humour. 

We were then pampered and treated to an amazing array of clothes and makeup to choose from and had so much fun with the shoot. The results were incredible! We loved all the photos, it was quite emotional to see how well she captured our love and connection. 

Ksenia is truly talented and gave us an experience and beautiful images to last a lifetime.

Jacqui B. - Melbourne



Ksenia was fantastic to work with. She made my vision of my graduate collection come to life, capturing it in her beautiful sunlight studio. 

Highly professional and a great team leader/contributor.

Chelsea Kenneally - Designer 




I am so grateful I had the chance to be photographed by Ksenia. She really expressed the pure love between my partner and I, and our dog. I love the pictures she took of us, she made it so easy and fun! And the result is stunning!

A very talented photographer, a very lovable person. I highly recommend her!

Sara L. 




I love working with Ksenia - she is such a talent and so passionate.
Ksenia understands what the client wants and is great at directing to get the most beautiful images.
Both corporate to crazy creative photography.

Lisa Rathgen  

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist




10/10 for Ksenia. As a model I have worked with many photographers and know quality. Ksenia's work is a cut above the rest, she is thoughtful in the creative process and delivers an amazing product! 

She is quick, extremely professional and a great person! I will be working with Ksenia again. 

Annaliese Gann

Model and Influencer



Ksenia is a talented photographer, with excellent attention to detail. 

She goes above and beyond to ensure her subjects and team are comfortable and have everything they need. 

Highly recommend her for any photography needs.

Amy Johnston 





Ksenia is the absolute best. 
Her pictures are beyond gorgeous and it is a true pleasure working with her. 

She’s passionate about her work and really nice with her clients. 
I can’t wait to work with her again!

Isabel Tonelli

Model & Business Owner




Working with Ksenia was a real pleasure. 

She is one of the most professional, talented photographers I have worked with and I would highly recommend her to any model looking for some beautiful shots! 

Her attention to detail is amazing and she is amazing to work with.

Shan - Model




I've collaborated with Ksenia on a number of projects and I can say without a doubt - she is the best photographer I've ever worked with. She is super talented with a high regard for quality and attention to detail. 

As a photographer myself I was looking for some great photos for my "Special Time" during my pregnancy. She managed to capture my soul and let me be myself in front of the camera. I had a fantastic time and the result is simply "WOW"!

Giorgia M.

Photographer - Melbourne



What an incredible feeling I’ve got from Ksenia’s work! She was the one who managed to see those delicate facets in me, which are not visible even to myself.. That light sensation of my beautiful age which can only be seen in the look in my eyes that Ksenia was able to capture… 

A sense of grace, a line of femininity, wisdom, genuine beauty - all of this she managed to reflect in my portraits! A true professional, a photographer who sees right through the heart and soul. I am grateful for meeting you, for your sincerity and warmth during all the time while you were creating your “Masterpiece". Your art came into my life, left a huge mark and an enormous delight after your work!

Catherine A. - Melbourne



My dog (a super excited Aussie) and I have lately been portrayed by Ksenia. She had two impossible tasks: 1. Take a still picture of Nebraska (my dog); 2. Take a smiling picture of me. And she actually accomplished both in the same shot! She got along with my dog in a super natural way and the 3 of us had a wonderful time together, shooting and laughing while walking at dawn under the Portici in Bologna (Italy). Great international experience and wonderful pics! Nebraska agrees with me, of course.

Daniela D. - Bologna, Italy



Photographs help to remind us who we've been, what we've done and what experiences we've had.

Photographer's job is not easy: it's not enough to have beautiful light, a camera and a click. The photographer has to perceive, feel and share what you would like to be impressed. 

Ksenia has this gift. Not only she is a true professional, she is also dedicated and very passionate about her job. For this reason she doesn't create just images, but emotional prints. 

Thank you.

Marina C. - Rome, Italy



I am so delighted to have found Ksenia to take portrait photographs of my Mum. Knowing my Mum and how she could be fussy and picky about her look I was thrilled with the result. Ksenia dedicates lots of time to the job and put everyone at ease, photographing them with wonderful results. The pictures are stunning and there were so many to choose from. The album she produced was so well done there was no way we wouldn't have ordered it!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Ksenia, and she was so professional and efficient at editing and then printing. We would definitely use her again in the future.

Anna V.- Melbourne



Ksenia is a great photographer, she is very creative and have a great personality that relate to the models.

It's been a great day and AMAZING results - as you can see on our catalogue and website: and

Nirit E.

Dizingof Australia



Ksenia captured a side of me that I thought I would never want to photograph (being pregnant), but the photos she took were just exceptional.. 

For anyone looking to have maternity photos taken, I couldn't recommend her highly enough, she's a gorgeous person inside and out, a friend and a photographer I work with often cause she is just amazing at what she does.

Cynthia S. - Make-up artist & Mom




I couldn't have picked a better photographer to start my career with down under!

Ksenia brings a love and energy to the set that is infectious and so easy to work with. 

She's fun, professional, and brings out the best in everyone, both on camera and off camera. 

Thank you for adding your talent to my portfolio!

Steph S.

Model and entrepreneur - USA & Australia



Ksenia is very dedicated and talented photographer. I've been working with her more than 3 years. I'm always proud of the final result. I use her photos as my profile pictures on the social media and LinkedIn. 

She helped me to build great modelling portfolio as well. Moreover, she always has a yummy quiche for her clients :)"

Maria R.

Interior Designer & Model




I have been using Ksenia for The Pacific Belles photo shoots for over 2 years. Ksenia is not only an excellent photographer, but she also had an amazing way of making us feel relaxed and at ease though out our session. 

Ksenia has an impeccable eye for detail and has helped us create amazing sets including a 1940‘s tea party on a rooftop. Not only has she captured us magnificently together as a singing group, she has gone above and beyond with her attention to detail for the finished result.

Laura M. - owner of the Pacific Belles, singer



Ksenia Belova has been working for Segmento Magazine as a Portrait and Fashion Photographer on several occasions both for editorials and two magazine covers.

We love working with Ksenia as she approaches every assignment with extreme competence and dedication.
Ksenia has mastered two of the most important skills in photography: a good eye and an innate curiosity!

Daniele Curto - editor of Segmento Magazine



I hired Ksenia to take my head shots and gave her a creative brief for a 1940s / 50s style Hollywood glamour shoot and I was thoroughly thrilled with the results! 
Ksenia made me feel comfortable on-set and she came up with wonderful ideas for props, sets, lighting and composition. I ended up with Hollywood glamour shots, pin up shots and burlesque shots and was very pleased to see how highly distinct the themes were from one-another. 

I enthusiastically recommend Ksenia's services to actors, models or performers wanting to get head shots or who need creative shots for their portfolios.

Bee Townsend - Performer & singer - Paris


I had so much fun during the photoshoot with Ksenia. I am not a professional model, I didn't expect it would be such a difficult job, which she does with lots of fun, helping you to see the best result you can ever imagine. 

Julia M.

Marketing Manager



Ksenia attended my event as a guest and started taking photos without me even knowing and captured the essence of our Bayside Women In Business event perfectly. 

Her attention to detail is evident as she encapsulates the energy of the room without evening knowing she’s there.  Ksenia always seems to find a way to highlight all the special moments in my events. 

If anyone is looking to hire a photographer I highly recommend Ksenia Belova Photography.

Dhea Bartlett

Founder of Bayside Women in Business



Ksenia recently worked with us recently in kind support of our inaugural non-for-profit event - Women in Tourism Leadership Lunch. 

Ksenia was supportive from the outset, generous with her time, talent and photographs post event and marketing purposes. 

Ksenia is a highly professional, talented and natural photographer who captured the essence and mood of the event as well as our speakers and guests. I couldn't recommend Ksenia enough.

Mary-Jane Devine


Fusion Marketing Australia


Absolutely beautiful work!! 

Ksenia photographed our new venue and really brought the space to life, not only with her incredible photos and eye for detail, but also with all your brilliant ideas on the spot. 

She has also been shooting events and for for us and we truly love her work. Fantastic experience and I can't wait to work with you again!

Katie Clough - Manager

Four Side Events



A fabulous photographer! 

Ksenia took photos for the Opening Party for our co-working space. She was very professional and organised, arrived early, took lots of stunning photos, then edited and sent them to us promptly. 

The photos made us and our space look great. We couldn't ask for more! Thank you Ksenia!

Delia Timms - owner of The Workery



Ksenia is absolutely amazing!!! We are so happy with the images we received- they are exactly what we were after!! Thank you so much!
You made the set up look just beautiful in the pictures - you are a genius.

Ksenia arrived super early, met the brief perfectly and sent us the edited images in a very speedy time frame.

We will certainly be working together again and I can highly recommend you for event and portrait photography. Thank you so much for attending our event - our clients were very pleased with your work!

Jonathon Stock - All Fun Parties


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