So, I did a thing.

I co-authored an Amazon best-seller.

For me, it was an exercise in walking my talk. I wrote my contributing chapter because I wanted to do what I ask my clients to: show up authentically and celebrate your story. It’s how the magic starts.

As scary as it is to put yourself on a stage (regardless of if that stage is a camera, a microphone or a book etc.) if you do it with an open heart, you will only ever attract opportunities for connection and growth.

Yes, it can feel like you're exposing your vulnerabilities, but it's actually a way of taking control. Rather than letting anyone else pigeonhole, stereotype, or paint your picture, you do it yourself. You say:

"Hey world, check out what I'm capable of. You're going to want to join my ride because I'm shooting for the stars".

Who wouldn't want to be part of that action?


“I see my life as a photo framed by countries and experiences where the photographer and subject are both me. A citizen of the world, I’ve absorbed both the best and the worst; thankfully, this is part of the abundance I am so grateful to receive. Everything I’ve learned and all the people who have touched my life have synchronistically led me to my final destination - Me.”

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