Bali Dreaming

Last week I was walking along the beach in Bali with my great friend and founder of Sacred Places Yoga - Retreats - Bronwyn Murphy .. We were walking and chatting about the beauty of life, admiring the powerful ocean and breathing fresh salty air.

While I was filming the waves, I suddenly got an inspiration and decided to try making a short film (1:51 sec) on the go. 

We didn’t have any preparation whatsoever, nor any makeup or stylist. Everything was improvised and filmed in about 15 minutes.. Kudos to a stunning model/actress/fantastic girl!

I wanted to portray Bron as a gorgeous, confident and sensual woman as she is, who is also a dreamer. 

She dreams about magical Bali with its spiritual energy.

She dreams about serenity and stress free life. 

She dreams about the world without fear and anger. 

She dreams about not wanting to stop dreaming. 

I hope you can feel it too.. 

“Bali Dreaming” is technically far from perfect - I still need a lot of practice in video making - but I’ve put all my heart and soul in it.. It’s my little sacred world..

{Hit HD for better quality and turn the volume on}

Simone B/W

Simone has something about her that is hard to explain with words, so let me try to portray her through my lens. 

It’s so true when they say that eyes are windows of the soul. I keep staring at Simone’s eyes taking me somewhere far away deep in her soul.. She is just hypnotising…  

It’s aways amazing to have such a connection with a model.

Model: Simone Smith @ Brazen Models 

Hair & Make-up: Liz Jenkinson

Love in the clouds with Federica

Federica was one of the first models in front of my lens about 2 years ago in Bologna, Italy. It was so easy to shoot with her. She is such a beautiful soul with a contagious smile. :)

Last Saturday, on the 13th June, Federica married her amazing partner Simone. Congratulazioni alla coppia piu’ cool d’Italia! :)

I would like to dedicate this post to Federica and share some of the images from our shoot “Love in the clouds”.

Doesn’t she look spectacular wearing all white? 

Even though I am on the other part of the planet, I could still feel the energy of your wedding day :)

Special thanks to my close friend Manuela Masciadri, a well-known Italian photographer, who let me use her studio and helped me out with this shoot.
Hair and makeup by Isabella Sarti.

Ameena Payne (NSFW)

I met Ameena (Skin+Pepper agency) through a networking group on Facebook and we clicked immediately. Several days later she was in front of my lens in St Kilda doing her thing. Even though we only had about hour for a shoot, we still managed to do heaps of different shots. 

For this shoot I decided to go 100% natural light, which has recenlty become my preference. I suppose, I just needed to have a break from the studio lighting. 

I loved Ameena’s look from the start: delicate and strong at the same time, versatile and exotic. I wanted to shoot something extremely simple and natural with her and in my head I was going for a melancholic and dreamy mood..

Hope you enjoy the images :)  


Poppy is an amazing pop singer from Melbourne with a big dream to perform all over the world. With her explosive personality I am very confident she can do it :)

Not long ago I photographed Poppy for her new website and social media. She wanted to show two sides of her: naughty and nice. It was so easy and fun to shoot Poppy due to her endless expressiveness and curiosity to try something new.
I would like to thank Camilla Bassi for flawless makeup and Clare Kerr for hair and general assisting with everything.
Hope you enjoy our shoot :)

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