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  1. Venice dream bridal shoot

    I do not shoot weddings (at least so far), but I did a DREAM bridal portrait session last year in Italy in the most romantic place on Earth: Venice. Yes, you heard me well: I was photographing this stunning real bride Marta several days after her wedding. She loved her…

  2. Bali Dreaming

    Last week I was walking along the beach in Bali with my great friend and founder of Sacred Places Yoga - Retreats - Bronwyn Murphy .. We were walking and chatting about the beauty of life, admiring the powerful ocean and breathing fresh salty air While I was filming the…

  3. Poppy

    Poppy is an amazing pop singer from Melbourne with a big dream to perform all over the world. With her explosive personality I am very confident she can do it :) Not long ago I photographed Poppy for her new website and social media. She wanted to show two sides…

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